Hi, there! I'm Michelle Lawrence, creator of Pretty Papel and maker of all you see on these pages.

When I'm not chasing my tiny humans around, you'll find me in my home studio dreaming up ideas and designs and quite literally, putting them to paper. Much of my inspiration is gleaned from the natural world, as well as vintage, nostalgic treasures that I stumble upon in antique shops and thrift stores.

For over a decade, as the manager of an independent, brick-and-mortar stationery shop, I assisted hundreds of couples in selecting and customizing the perfect invitation suite for their special day. I also had the pleasure of hand making the props and backdrops for our Holiday Window installations using, of course, paper!

Me and Joan Schnee, Owner of On Paper, in front of our wintery woodland windows for Holiday 2011.
I studied Art History and Fine Arts, with a focus on sculpture, at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. For much of my life and in my studies, I'd experimented with paper as a medium for 3D work. Then, it became a central part of my day job in such an interesting and unexpected way. After discovering the many different kinds of gorgeous papers that are out there, and how limitless the potential is, I was hooked!
In November of 2018 I officially opened Pretty Papel; (papel is Spanish for paper) my small, creative business with a focus on making uplifting gifts, decor and eye-catching installations using paper as the primary medium. Ultimately, I hope my work is a visual treat and mood booster for recipients for years to come, and sparks a bit of inspiration for those who'd like to give paper arts a try.