Hi, there! I'm Michelle Lawrence, owner of Pretty Papel and maker of all you see on these pages.

I'm forever inspired by the botanical beauty growing in the world around us and enjoy re-creating forms of flora using paper as my primary medium.

I studied Art History and Fine Arts, with a focus on sculpture, at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. In college I mainly worked with clay and hand built ceramic sculptures, though I also utilized paper mache and experimented with molding paper pulp. It wasn't until I began managing an independently owned, specialty stationery shop years later that I learned in depth about the many different kinds of gorgeous papers that exist. I was hooked!

In November of 2018 I launched Pretty Papel, my creative business with a focus on making uplifting gifts, decor and eye-catching installations. Ultimately, I hope my work is a visual treat and mood booster, and sparks a bit of inspiration for those who'd like to give paper arts a try.