How do I clean and take care of these paper creations?

Pretty Papel creations are quite durable! With proper care, your paper sculpture will last for years to come. Keep away from direct sunlight, which can cause color to fade, as well as environments with high humidity and moisture. On occasion, you may want to dust off succulent arrangements or wall decor. You can carefully dust off with a clean paint brush or makeup brush, or blow off with a canned (compressed) air duster.

Is it difficult is it to hang wall arrangements and event decor?

No - hanging a wall arrangement is easy! Simply hang from the loop (made with either thin cord or baker's twine) on the back of each piece, or use pins, tacks, mounting putty or velcro dots to directly attach onto desired wall or surface.
For weddings and special events in the Ohio area, delivery and full service installation are available at an additional charge. Contact Pretty Papel to arrange for an estimate that reflects these options.

Do you sell design templates?

Not at this time. I'm working on developing online workshops, though, for groups and individuals who would like to give botanically inspired paper arts a try.

How long does it take to make succulent arrangements?

It really depends. Each individual paper succulent can take roughly 15-45 minutes of "hands on" work to make. By that I mean cutting, shaping, embellishing and assembling. This doesn't include all the time spent designing, refining designs, digitally translating elements, or sourcing the best materials for a project. A great deal of time and attention goes into making these paper pretties come to life!